Great students who I had supervised, and who are currently still with the lab. 

Bachelor of Engineering

  1. Diabetes Monitoring Through Photoplethysmogram Morphology – Alvin Albert Charles
  2. Prediction of Blood Glucose Levels Using Electrocardiogram Morphology – Nur Al’Ainaa Idris
  3. Classification Model Development for Photoplethysmogram Signal morphology when Subjects Listen to Dzikir and Classical music – FY project (2022) Abdul Hakim bin Hussin
  4. Effect of Dzikir to the Electrocardiography (ECG) Signal – FY project (2022) Nur Alya binti Zul
  5. Development of an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled preliminary diagnostic system for COVID-19 using photoplethysmogram (PPG) – FY project (2022) Choon Jie Yi.
  6. Serum uric acid classification techniques using Machine Learning – FY project (2021) Mohamad Nazhan Mohd Nizar 
  7. The feature extraction of photoplethysmogram for gouty arthritis patients – FY project (2021) Nurin Izzati Mohamad Azizul 
  8. Photoplethysmogram feature extraction for serum uric acid level classification – FY project (2020) – Nurliyana Muhamad Aminaldi
  9. PPG analysis for uric acid level prediction using Machine Learning approach – FY project (2020) – Tan Ming Shin
  10. A Preliminary Study on Dzkir Auditory Brainstem Response of Normal Hearing Individuals – FY project (2020) – – co-supervisor.
  11. Prediction of sudden cardiac death (SCD) by analyzing electrocardiogram (ECG) – FY project (2019) – Izzat Amir Kamal Bakshir
  12. Prediction of Sudden Cardiac Death Among Malaysian and Selection of its Biomarkers – FY project (2018) – Najieha Sujani
  13.  Patient health monitoring system using a smartphone application – FY project (2014) – Faizatul Azwa Azam
  14. Development of electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring system using smartphone applications- FY project (2014) – Susamraine A/L Yi Lak
  15.  Zigbee network for home automation system – FY project (2013) – Ili Ayuni Mohd Ikhsan
  16. The application of Zigbee-based wireless monitoring and control system – FY project (2013) – Mohd Syazwan Rohaizad
  17. Designing a 16-bit RISC using adiabatic switching – FY project (2012) – Eng Kar Tian


Master of Engineering (coursework)

  1. Patient monitoring system using Zigbee communication protocol – Peng Yuan Yuan 
  2. Correlation between the diabetes level and photoplethysmography morphology – Yu Xi
  3. FPGA-based Health Monitor System for IoT – Muhammad Syafieq Mohamad Salehudin
  4. IOT-based Vital Signs Monitoring System Development – Mohd Nazrulazlan Abd Rasid
  5. IoT-based Assistance Glove for Monitoring Bedridden Patient using Node-RED – Yusrina Fatini Mohd Yunos
  6. Design of wearable RFID tag to monitor ambulatory patients in rehabilitation centre – completed (2019) – Nur Asma Ismail
  7. The design and simulation of low power 4×4 bit Multiplier using adiabatic circuit – completed (2019) – Nabeel Yousef Farhan Qudaisat
  8. The Attack Analysis of Access Point (AP) in Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and The Solutions Proposal – completed (2014) – Zawawi Mohamad
  9. Color Image Originality Based on Steganography in HSV Color Space – completed (2013) – Arman Mahmoudbeik
  10. Simulation study of Thermal Conductivity of Several Epoxies in the Die Attach- completed (2013) – Lim Meng Rong

Master of Science (by Research)

  1. IOT – Taufik Rezza MOhd Foudzi
  2. IOT – Nor Atikah Mohamad Radzi
  3. Medical Asset/Equipment Monitoring via RFID Application – Muslim Ahmad Kamal
  4. Photoplethysmogram classification for mental health (2022) – Azwani Awang
  5. Development of estimation technique for respiratory rate from electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram – completed (2016) Nur Sabrina Risman
  6. Transfer Process of Graphene for Sensor Applications- completed (2014) – Norlida Ramli

Doctor of Philosophy

  1. Ultra Low Power ADPLL Synthesizer of Self-Powered Semi-active RFID Transceiver for Healthcare Device – Syaza Norfilsha Ishak
  2. Development and Effectiveness of CThink4CS2 Module on Students’ Achievement in the Topic of Salt, Computational Thinking and Attitude – Norhaslinda Abdul Samad
  3. Wireless Biosensor based on Predictive Study for Patient Monitoring Applications – Siti Nor Ashikin Ismail
  4. Corrosion detection and severity estimation from hydrogen evolution process in pipeline – Zazilah May  – main supervisor.
  5. Development and effectiveness of CT- CHEM Module on students’ achievement, computational thinking and motivation in the topic of Electrochemistry – completed  Samri Chongo – co supervisor.
  6. Early detection of Sudden Cardiac Arrest via ECG Signal Analysis – Mohd Zubir Suboh– co-supervisor.
  7. Non-invasive serum uric acid measurement using photoplethysmogram for cardiovascular disease prediction – Hafifah Ab. Hamid  – main supervisor.
  8. Efficient admission control and resource allocation mechanisms for public safety communications over 5G network slice – Anuar Othmancompleted (2022) – main supervisor.
  9. Characterization and development of die attach techniques for miniature device trend in semiconductor packaging – Ahmad Ridzuan Abd Rahman – main supervisor.
  10. Design Development and Material Characterization of NEMS-based pressure sensor-  Saat Shukri Embongcompleted (2016) – main supervisor.