Alhamdulillah. As a mobile phone user in Malaysia, I really appreciate these apps which make my life easier and making me smiling again amid the COVID-19 crisis.

  1. e-wallet Touch n Go.
    • Be it Roti Boy at Aeon, Roti Kaya Junus at Tesco or Family Mart, I don’t have to take out my wallet or coins anymore. The transactions completed within 10 seconds.
    • Then, once connected with the RFID Tol service, it is superb. Last Friday, I drove through Eco Majestic (LEKAS) while smiling to all the vehicles which are still using Smart TAG of the panel touch method. I can reload it just before entering the toll gate from my Master Card. Awesome!
    • I can also receive payments from my friends when we go Dutch at the cafes.

2. Setel with Petronas

The moment I arrive at the pump station, a Bangladesh pump controller will wait for my ‘like’ sign. He will pump until it stops. Then I will tip him for helping me with my busy schedule. Feeling like a formula one drive at the pit stop. Top-notch apps!

3. Maybank2U

I have been using Maybank2u since Year 2001. Paying bills, Fund transfer, Paying loan, Tabung Haji, ASB etc. When they come with apps, I feel a lot more better. Whenever there is QR Code Maybank displayed, I can complete my deal in a split second. Interbank Fund transfer such as donation, buying online, I have never felt better. Linked with the bio verification of my iPhone, this apps is really the one I need to put at the dash board.

4. My Sejahtera

During this pandemic, most Malaysian would feel that this apps is the real helper. It shows whether you are at low risk, casual contact with no symptoms or high risk at real time. I use this at my Surau and Masjid every time I go for my Solat. Recently I receive a notification telling me that I will be receiving Astra Zeneca at UKM in this month. What a relieve to have every updated data with you 24/7.

I will update the other extraordinary apps for Malaysians again….from my own experience, lah.

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